Carnauba wax

A hard natural wax from Brazil

Carnauba wax is one of the hardest and most long-lasting natural waxes known to man. It is extracted from the leaves of the carnauba palm (Copernicia prunifera), a native of northeastern Brazil.

Carnauba in boat wax

Carnauba is the main ingredient in our Best Brazilian Boat Wax. It's ideal for the purpose because it's practically insoluble in water and harder than concrete in its pure form. When applied to your boat, it tends to penetrate the pores in the gel coat or paint and form a hard surface that can be buffed to a brilliant shine.

Properties of carnauba

The glossiness and hardness of of carnauba wax are well-known, but even when it does age, it doesn't lift off like many other finishes, but simply dulls down. The protection remains for a considerable period of time, and the gloss can easily be restored by a quick buff over, or by applying a top-up with Carnauba Wash Concentrate.

Carnauba wax also performs well in strong sunlight. The pure wax has a melting point around 80°C, among the highest of natural waxes, and it provides a natural sunscreen.

Carnauba in shoe polish, food and cosmetics

The extraordinary properties of carnauba have led to its use in a huge variety of products. Car polishes, furniture polishes and shoe polish often contain a small proportion, and it's used extensively in the food industry, where it ends up as a finishing agent in baked foods and as the glaze on chewing gum and tic tacs. Modern cosmetics use it in products from lipsticks and eyeliners to skin care preparations and sun screens.

Magic or marvel?

With this variety of applications, carnauba wax can be seen as something of a magic bullet, but to be a useable end product it has to be correctly formulated for the specific application.

The presence of carnauba doesn't mean the product will work for everything. You wouldn't coat your boat with mascara, sun screen or shoe polish, but you should be equally wary about using car polish. Where carnauba wax is used in car polishes, it's usually a very small proportion, together with abrasives that polish the surface by cutting into it. Fibreglass gel coat and hand painted finishes are much softer than car paint, so the result is a quick fix that damages your boat and a shine that doesn't last.

A correctly formulated boat wax, with a high concentration of grade 1 carnauba can make a stunning impression on your boat. It looks good, adds value and provides lasting protection. It won't last indefinitely, but it's probably tougher than the original surface and it's certainly much more easily replaced.

Our specialised carnauba boat waxes

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