Cleaning, protecting and restoring boat fabrics – canopies, awnings etc


Use Boat Canvas Cleaner. This safely removes bird droppings, sea salt, atmospheric fallout and general dirt and grime from sprayhoods, dodgers, biminis and other boat fabrics.

The water-based Canvas Cleaner removes unsightly green haze caused by mould and mildew without impairing the appearance of the boat cover fabric. It is easy to use and suitable for all colours.

Protecting boat canvas

BoatSheen Fabric Stain Protector. This protects all man-made fabrics against stains, reduces water absorbency and enables dirt to be removed easily. Just spray on and leave to dry. Suitable for all colours.

Restoring boat canvas

We recommend Renovo Boat Canvas Reviver to re-colour and re-condition all kinds of boat canvas. It makes boat covers, bimini tops and spray hoods look like new again!

Boat Canvas Reviver is ideal for boat covers in canvas, double duck and mohair coverings as it re-colours and reconditions them all like new!

Reproofing boat canvas

Renovo Ultra Proofer can be used to re-establish the original ‘as new’ waterproof weather barrier of your boat covers, spray hoods and bimini tops and help to keep them looking good for longer! Rainand spray forms beads which just roll off the fabric.