Boat Polishing

Clean, restore and shine your boat, using the right products for the job. Staining and fine scratches can be removed with Pre-wax Colour Restorer but for restoring scratched surfaces, use BoatSheen Clean Cut compound. For the ultimate finish on high-quality surfaces, use the Eraser Clay system to remove bonded on debris.

Pre-wax Colour Restorer

Recommended as a pre-treatment before applying boat wax. The effect is dramatic even on old surfaces.

PreWax Colour Restorer

Pre-wax Colour Restorer lifts out dirt and impurities, removes fine scratches, salting, oxidation and old wax residues to restore the true colour. Can be used to remove wax prior to painting or fibreglass repair. Boatsheen Pre-wax Colour Restorer uses a gentle polishing action, but contains no coarse abrasives. Phosphate free, low solvent.

Pre-wax Colour Restorer 250ml £12.95 [Add to basket]
Pre-wax Colour Restorer 500ml £17.50 [Add to basket]
Pre-wax Colour Restorer 2.5litre £55.00 [Add to basket]

BoatSheen Clean Cut Compound

Formulated specially for restoring worn and scratched fibreglass surfaces. BoatSheen Clean Cut has a mild cutting action that removes scratches, leaving a deep lasting shine. It can be applied by hand or by orbital polishing machine.

Clean Cut Compound

  • Free from ammonia and silicones
  • For hand or machine application

BoatSheen Clean Cut Compound 250ml £7.50 [Add to Basket]
BoatSheen Clean Cut Compound 500ml £12.50 [Add to Basket]
BoatSheen Clean Cut Compound 2.5 litre £45.00 [Add to Basket]

Eraser Clay Cleaning System

Eraser Clay has been a trade secret amongst valeters, who use it for the very highest quality surface preparation. It’s used for fast, efficient and safe removal of bonded-on debris from grp, painted and metal surfaces.

  • Non-abrasive – does not damage gel coat or paint
  • Creates a silky smooth surface
  • Avoids costly flatting (compounding)

Eraser Clay is a dense mineral resin mixture which is used with a special slick lubricant. The lube allows the clay to glide over the surface, picking off anything stuck to it, like tar, industrial dust, and the worst, tree sap and overspray. We’ve recently heard of it being used to remove overspray from a million pound yacht that had been a little too close to a neighbouring respray job!

To use it, you form a small piece of the clay bar into a flat biscuit shape, spray a small section of the boat hull with lubricant, then simply draw the clay in a linear motion over the section until it feels smooth. Fold over the clay to present a clean surface to another area of your boat and repeat, moving swiftly. Discard when completely soiled.

The BoatSheen Eraser Clay cleaning system is supplied as a kit containing 2 x 100g eraser bars in a resealable container, 500ml biodegradable lubricant spray.