Boat care applicators and accessories

OnePass Microfibre Drying Towel

This drying towel will wipe the dew from the cockpit in a single pass – perfect before the morning cuppa.

The unique waffle weave is amazingly absorbent and dries the surface completely in a single pass. Large 60cm x 60cm size will soak up more than a pint of water without wringing out.

There’s no need to keep it moist like a chamois, its easy to wring out, is completely machine washable and it actually improves with use. We started with them for drying the boat prior to polishing, (they are great for that), but now we won’t be without one for drying down the cockpit.

OnePass microfibre drying towel £5.00 SPECIAL OFFER
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Applicator pads

Perfect for hand-applied polish and compounds. These applicators are really pleasant to use and have a convenient hand-sized pocket. Foam core with 100% cotton terry cover stitched all round 150mm (6 inch) diameter. Completely washable, re-usable and supplied in individual resealable pack.

Applicator pad £2.50
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Wax Applicator pads

Dense, closed-cell 4″ foam applicator pads for application of paste waxes. They will ensure a thin coat is evenly spread without absorbing your wax. Re-usable -store in the airtight bag your wax came in so wax embedded is retained.

Applicator pad £1.00
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Microfibre Buffing Cloth

Far superior to cheap cloths from supermarkets, these 40cm square tufted microfibres are perfect for a miriad polishing tasks around your boat, and recommended for cleaning windows, polishing metalwork and of course polishing off our surface preparation and wax/glaze products. They have a soft edge and won’t scratch even soft, new paint.

Microfibre buffing cloth 40cm x 40cm £2.00 each
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Microfibre buffing cloth 40cm x 40cm £5.00 for pack of 3
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Professional polishing wadding

A satin-smooth, ultra-soft non-woven gauze, made for polishing to a mirror finish. Non scratch – use either as a disposable, as professionals do, or wash time after time, reinstating its incredible softness. Pack contains 20 to 30 pieces, each more than 1 metre square.

Professional polishing wadding £7.99
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Best Italian chamois

Top quality soft thick Italian hand-produced oil tanned chamois. Even weight and thickness, completely different from cheap leathers sold in car accessory shops!

If you’ve promised yourself a really good wash leather, this is it!

Best Italian chamois – 2.5sq/ft at £8.99