Restore canvas boat covers & sails

Even faded, dirty, stained, algae-covered and leaky canvas covers can be revived and renovated with this range of cleaners, revivers and proofers. These highly acclaimed Renovo canvas care products will clean, recolour and reproof your boat cover, bimini spray hood and dodgers, genuinely bringing them back to as new condition even if they have been neglected for years. A fresh coat of Boat UltraProofer will make water bead on canvas and run off, not soaking in, thus stopping a damp environment for algae to grow in.

We get very positive feedback from customers who use these products. Our Sail Cleaner also simply does what it says.

Sail Cleaner

An effective and quick acting biodegradable cleaner for yacht and dinghy sails. Boatsheen Sail Cleaner will remove general grime, grease, traffic film and mould. It is safe on stitching, ropes and other attached items. Supplied ready to use, simply spray on, leave to dwell for a few minutes and wipe clean. 100% biodegradable so safe to use whilst your boat is on the water.[/caption] Supplied with a spray top (not illustrated).

Sail Cleaner 500ml £9.00
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Renovo Boat Canvas Cleaner

For regular cleaning of canvas boat covers, freshening appearance and helping to preserve the boat cover’s overall condition. Renovo is recommended as the best cleaner for covers, bimini tops and spray hoods.

The water-based Canvas Cleaner removes grime, ingrained dirt and unsightly green haze caused by mould and mildew without impairing the appearance of the boat cover fabric. It is easy to use and suitable for all colours.

Boat Canvas Cleaner is strongly recommended for preparation of the canvas cover before application of Renovo Boat Canvas Reviver. Contains a bactericide and fungicide to kill off and prevent regrowth of unsightly algae.

Renovo Boat Canvas Cleaner 500ml £11.90
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Renovo Ultra Proofer

This product will re-establish the original ‘as new’ waterproof weather barrier of your boat covers, spray hoods and bimini tops and help to keep them looking good for longer!

The water-based formulation is easily brushed on and in addition to waterproofing, it provides a barrier against penetration of everyday dirt into the fibres of new and old boat cover material, and now incorporates UV protection and a mould/mildew growth inhibitor. It helps to keep your covers looking new for longer. Rain and spray rolls off as silver beads.

One litre covers about six square metres.

Renovo Canvas Ultra Proofer 500ml £11.90
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Renovo Canvas Ultra Proofer 1litre £19.95
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Renovo Boat Canvas Reviver

Re-colours and re-conditions, making boat covers, bimini tops and spray hoods look like new again!

Boat Canvas Reviver is ideal for boat covers in canvas, double duck and mohair coverings, as it re-colours and reconditions them all like new!

We recommend thoroughly cleaning with Renovo Canvas Cleaner before commencing application. Reviver should be applied by brush to both sides of the canvas, and it may be worth applying two coats for older faded hoods. To avoid uneven results, to make sure you have enough to complete the job before you start! One litre covers about six square metres.

Renovo Boat Canvas Reviver, Navy Blue, 500ml £17.50
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Renovo Boat Canvas Reviver, Navy Blue, 1 litre £29.95
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All the tired canvas aboard can be perfectly colour matched to look as good as new

Practical Boat Owner

The Renovo Canvas Cleaner was given a tough challenge and proved itself. Regular use would keep sprayhoods and dodgers clean and smart.

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