Marine GlassCoat Ceramic Hull and Topsides Coating System

The latest addition to BoatSheen’s extensive range of boat care and finishing solutions is Marine GlassCoat ceramic hull and topsides coating system, which produces a hard ‘glass-like’ finish to help protect topsides, exposed paintwork and hulls above the waterline from fading, scuffs, scratching and weathering.

Using advanced silicon dioxide (SiO2) ceramic coating technology, Marine GlassCoat adheres to painted and GRP surfaces at a molecular level, creating an ultra-hard 9H rated 3 micron thick barrier that repels water and provides excellent resistance to air and waterborne pollution, alongside debris, dust and the acids found in bird droppings.

Simple to apply at home, at the boatyard or even on the water, the typical life of the coating is 5-years, which is around 10 times that of the best waxes and enables boats to look better for longer, while making surfaces much easier to clean.

Marine GlassCoat and is available as a complete kit for £79.99, which includes 250ml of pre-cleaner and 50ml of the ceramic coating, which will easily cover a medium sized boat up to 10 metres, together with applicators, cloths and detailed instructions on how to achieve the best results. Of particular note is that Boatsheen Marine GlassCoat is optimised to be a single-coat product – saving you time and cost.

Marine GlassCoat was created and formulated as a high quality professional grade product, which is optimised for boat owners and enthusiasts to apply themselves, particularly those who might not have used this type of coating before, but want high strength uncompromising protection in an affordable kit.

Marine GlassCoat £79.99

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