Cleaning & Washing

Prior to waxing or glazing, please see our notes on preparation.

Once your boat has been waxed, the shine can be maintained by regular washing using a matched wash and wax product. This tops up the wax and extends the life of the shine.

Avoid the use of strong chemicals, boat cleaners or car cleaning products that may strip off the wax or glaze.

Carnauba wash and wax concentrate

Regular use boat wash shampoo concentrate, with carnauba wax, to top up the wax protection and shine as you wash. pH neutral and 100% biodegradable. Recommended for surfaces prepared with Best Brazilian Boat Wax or our paste waxes. Can be used diluted by hand (two capfuls in a bucket of water) or via pressure washer. Phosphate and salt free.

Carnauba wash & wax concentrate 500ml £14.95
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Carnauba wash & wax concentrate 2.5 litre £69
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Sail Cleaner

Ready to use biodegradable cleaner for yacht and dinghy sails, simply spray on, leave for a few minutes and wipe clean or hose down. Boatsheen Sail Cleaner will remove grease, atmospheric pollution, mould and general grime from all types of sail cloth. Safe on stitching, ropes etc. Safe to use whilst your boat is in the water too.

Sail Cleaner – 500ml £9.00
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Mould Killer

Kills mould in canopies, galleys, heads, lockers and seating. ……perfect for Spring cleaning and autumn pre-storage prevention. Kills off 99.9% of all microbial bacteria, soaking into fabric and hard surfaces on a nano level, preventing regrowth. Boatsheen Mould Killer is chemical-free.

Destroys: Black Spot mould (Aspergillus Niger), Listeria, e-Coli, Legionella, Salmonella, MRSA and more.

Supplied with a spray top (not illustrated).

Mould Killer – 250ml £6.00
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Acrylic Window Cleaner

Don’t damage acrylic (Perspex) windows by using ordinary household window cleaners. This specially formulated cleaner leaves a clear smear-free finish on Perspex windows and hatch covers without damage. It’s also good on mirrors and glass.

Supplied with a spray top (not illustrated).

Acrylic window cleaner 250ml spray £9.95 SOLD OUT
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Concentrated Boat Cleaner

Non-abrasive formula cuts through grease, black streaks and will remove waxes. This heavy duty product can even be used to degrease engine parts (at 10:1) when solvents are inappropriate. Dilute at 20:1 for normal cleaning action on deck, around the galley, heads and shower. Deodorises and provides a barrier against the build up of bacteria. 100% biodegradable and pH neutral. Perfect for your Spring Clean prior to compounding or waxing.

Tough Boat Cleaner/Degreaser 500ml £7.50
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See here for our range of wash mitts, microfibre cloths and chamois leathers

All our boat cleaning products are biodegradable, which means that they are capable of being broken down by biological action. They can pass safely through the sewage system without causing environmental damage.

Cleaning products should always be used with care and should not be discharged directly into ecologically sensitive areas, where they could cause damage before they are broken down.