Leather care

Leather upholstery is subject to tough conditions in the marine environment. UV, salt and dirt can quickly attack the surface causing cracking, fading and discolouring. Proper care can keep it clean and supple, extending its life.

Whether your boat has beautiful new leather upholstery, or an interesting old patina, clean it when necessary with luxury leather cleaner and keep it feeling and smelling good by regular application of leather conditioner.

BoatSheen Luxury Leather Cleaner

A cleanser that penetrates leather, releasing ingrained dirt without saturation. The unique glycerine base makes it very pleasant to use – it simply floats off the soiling without saturating the leather or damaging stitching. It’s pH neutral, and suitable for use on even the most fragile leather. Not suitable for suede.

Just remove dust and debris, and apply cleaner to the leather and agitate with a soft brush. After a couple of minutes, wipe the leather clean with a damp towel. Leave to dry then apply leather conditioner or leather sunscreen to help keep it soft and smelling of finest quality leather.

  • Cleans without saturation
  • Glycerine based – cleans and softens
  • Protects stitching against rot
  • Suitable for all colours
  • No harsh chemicals to damage leather – pH neutral

BoatSheen Luxury Leather Cleaner 250ml £12.95
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BoatSheen Leather Conditioner with Sunscreen

UV protection for leather or vinyl exposed to harsh sunlight. A High Technology emulsion formula that moisturises and revitalises leather, restoring its supple feel and reinstating the original smell of quality leather.

This conditioner is a rich blend of essential oils and waxes that lubricates leather and protects it from staining, cracking and premature ageing. The UV blocker gives protection from harsh sunlight. It leaves a beautiful soft, supple, natural surface, not shiny, oily or sticky. Suitable for all colours of leather or vinyl, but not for suede or transparent vinyl windows. Once treated, the surface can be simply wiped clean with a moist cloth.

Just wipe on to clean leather with a soft cloth and allow it to penetrate and restore a fresh natural appearance with the fragrance of new leather.

BoatSheen Leather Conditioner with sunscreen 250ml £12.95
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