Cleaning, protecting and restoring leather on boats

Leather upholstery is subject to especially tough conditions in the marine environment. UV, salt and dirt quickly attack the surface causing cracking, fading and discolouring. Proper care can keep it clean and supple, extending its life.


Use BoatSheen Luxury Leather Cleaner. This gently penetrates leather, releasing ingrained dirt without saturation. It’s very pleasant to use and doesn’t leave the surface oily or sticky – it simply floats off the soiling.

Unlike most leather cleaners, this is glycerine based, so it doesn’t leach oils from the leather or damage the stitching. The conservation-grade formulation is pH neutral and equally suitable whether you are cleaning new leather or restoring historic leather that’s fragile and brittle.


Use BoatSheen Leather Conditioner with sunscreen.

This UV blocking conditioner lubricates leather and protects it from staining, cracking and premature ageing. It leaves a beautiful soft, supple, natural surface, not oily or sticky. Just wipe on to clean leather with a soft cloth and allow it to penetrate and restore a fresh natural appearance with the fragrance of new leather.


Use BoatSheen Luxury Leather Cleaner followed by BoatSheen Leather Conditioner with Sunscreen. For old neglected leather apply further thin coats of conditioner and repeat periodically to maintain the leather’s durability and suppleness. Ongoing care will reduce the need for further work.