Cleaning, protecting and restoring painted metal boats


Rinse off salt and dirt with clean fresh water.

Use BoatSheen Polymer Wash & Wax Concentrate to provide a slick hydrophobic surface from which water just sheets away. Add a capful to a bucket of water or apply by pressure washer. Rinse off with fresh water.


Protect painted metal surfaces with BoatSheen UltraGlaze or our range of waxes.


To remove stuck-on contamination like tar, industrial dust, tree sap and overspray, use BoatSheen Eraser Clay and Lubricant. Eraser Clay is a dense mineral resin mixture which is used with the lubricant to glide over the surface, picking off anything stuck to it. It is a non-abrasive process that produces an extremely high grade, smooth finish.

To restore shine and colour to faded paintwork, use BoatSheen Pre-wax Colour and Sheen Restorer. This lifts out dirt and impurities, removes fine scratches, salting, oxidation and old wax residues to restore the true colour. It uses a gentle polishing action, but contains no coarse abrasives. Then protect with a wax or glaze.

For worn paintwork, use BoatSheen Clean Cut Compound and de-wax prior to respraying. This is suitable for hand or machine use.