Cleaning, protecting and restoring marine stainless steel, brass and chrome

Brass, chrome, stainless steel and other metals can be cared for on a boat if you follow a few simple rules:

  • Consider the marine habitat when using corrosive polishes to refinish. If you want to use something very toxic on something like a propeller, it would be better to remove it from the boat and relocate it to a place where the substance will not end up in the water.
  • Do not mix metals, and ensure that the more active your metal, the better protected it is (and stays).
  • Protect from galvanic corrosion with zincs. Ask a marine mechanic for help if you do not know how to place these yourself. If you do find yourself a victim of early corrosion, there are anti-corrosion and anti-fouling paints designed especially for submerged metal parts on boats. Check with your local chandler or boat mechanic.
  • Dirt or salt water lying in contact with stainless steel can cause staining and even rusting
  • Metal polishes can discolour and damage other surfaces, so if used, take care to wash off any residue.


Clean using fresh water, or BoatSheen Wash and Wax.


BoatSheen Performance Boat Wax or Best Brazilian Boat Wax help to throw off salt water or hard water marks by creating a hydrophobic coating.


Clean and degrease with BoatSheen Tough Boat Cleaner. Remove stains and corrosion with Boatsheen Metal Polish, which leaves a protective coating. Propeller Cleaner is brilliant at removing white corrosion accretions in only a couple of minutes.